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How to get a baseball scholarship

The most common question athletes and their parents ask is, "how do I get a baseball scholarship?" or "how do I get recruited for college baseball?"  In short,    exposure to college baseball coaches is the answer.              College baseball recruiting can start as early as freshman year in high school. Well-funded and highly competitive Division I and II programs start building prospect lists early in an athlete's high school career. It's never too early to start gaining exposure to college baseball coaches.  Division I and II programs are actively building prospect lists from credible scouting sources like starting freshman and sophomore year.


As you can see from the chart below, there are tremendous baseball scholarship opportunities that exist at the college level. Make note of all the opportunities that exist outside of Division I! Just because you may not be Division I baseball talent doesn't mean you can't play college baseball and earn athletic scholarship money towards your education.


  # of Schools offering
# of Athletic Scholarship
Opportunities (per school)
NCAA Division I 300 11.7 Per school
NCAA Division II 242 9 Per school
NCAA Division III* 376 * Per school
NAIA 209 12 Per school
Junior College 400 24 (varies per school)
Total: 1,527  

*Division III schools offer and provide merit, academic, and need based scholarships.


Select College Athlete Recruiting has access to over 1,500 college baseball coaches at Division I-A, I-AA, II, III, NAIA, and JUCO levels. We provide qualified athletes to coaches from all Divisions including top Division I programs in the SEC, ACC, Pac 10, Big 12, Big East, Big 10 just to name a few. Our recruiting coaches put together your in-depth online profile, highlight video, and introduction letter to coaches and quickly get you the exposure you need from anywhere in the country. Our scouting service can reach every region of the country and can give you the exposure you need to be recruited. Baseball coaches will be able to quickly and easily review your profile and evaluate your skills with a click of a button. Only then can they decide whether to add you to their prospect list and begin the recruitment process.


Your online profile with video will be available year round to baseball coaches and you can access your own profile to update your statistics. But, you must give college baseball coaches the critical information they need; reliable & current stats, 4-6 minute highlight video, reference(s), and complete academic statistics with your athletic profile.  WARNING!  Don't let a poorly made video detract from your talents. One common frustration college coach's share is trying to evaluate players from a low quality video. Select College Athlete Recruiting can edit and create a professional high quality highlight video that showcases your talents.


There are general averages of physical stats that we can provide which will give you an idea of what level of competition is your best opportunity to be recruited for college baseball - Division I, II, III, NAIA, or JUCO. However, just because you may not meet these averages does not rule out other intangibles that coaches can only see by watching you on film or in person. 


Camps and Showcases


Don't be fooled into thinking that attending a camp, showcase, or tournament is all it takes to get recruited and become a college baseball player. Whereas for some college divisions it is important to attend their on-campus camps you can't attend every camp for each specific school. Only a handful of coaches attend these events and they are not looking to "discover" a player but already have an existing list of players they want to evaluate further. You will need to initially get exposure to a large network of colleges so you can decide which programs you want to pursue further and attend their camp if needed. And, don't rely, or expect your high school coach to get you recruited (see FAQ's). As college coaches advise on the College Coach Report- start early, be proactive, and expand your college search parameters.


Recruiting Results


To date, Select College Athlete Recruiting has achieved a 100% recruiting success rate with our qualified paid members. This means that every client has received interest from college coaches directly related to our national network and scouting resources. Our success rate is high because we focus on the quality of our Select Athlete members and maintain our reputation as a credible scouting source to college coaches.


Visit the services page or give us a call at 877-569-4002 to ask questions about our program and get qualified as a Select Athlete.


What you have: The desire and talent to play college baseball.


What you need: Exposure to a wide network of college baseball coaches.


What we provide: An effective recruiting campaign with exposure to our national network of college coaches from all divisions.


What you get: Actively recruited by college baseball coaches and the opportunity to earn an athletic scholarship.


What to do next: You or a parent call to speak to one of our baseball scouts at 877-569-4002. Our scouts will review your physical stats, athletic achievements, academic performance, and current playing level and give you a realistic evaluation of your college level potential for FREE.


If you have not made your decision about playing college baseball, complete the basic FREE Online Profile. With a FREE Online Profile you will also receive regular recruiting tips and updates from