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There are over 1,700 colleges and universities in the nation that sponsor college athletics and offer college athletic scholarships or financial packages. It is important to recognize that approximately 85% of those opportunities reside outside of Division I athletics! In addition, less than 1% of high school student athletes will receive a full college athletic scholarship to a Division I athletic program.  Although Division III schools are not permitted to offer "athletic scholarships" they do offer merit, academic, and need based scholarships to student-athletes. 

For many student athletes who watch college sports on tv every weekend, they identify “college athlete” or “athletic scholarship” with these well known 40-50 schools that are regularly featured every season. Unfortunately, these schools represent a very small portion of the scholarship opportunities that exist at the college level.

We are fortunate in this country in that there are thousands of highly respected institutions that provide a quality education at the Division I, II, III, NAIA, and JUCO level. In order to be successful receiving a college athletic scholarship you must be realistic about your talent level and recognize that Division I is only a small portion of your opportunities. If you love your sport, have the desire to play at the college level, possess the athletic skills, and have a commitment to work hard at your recruitment you can expect very positive results in achieving scholarship offers. We, at Select College Athlete, want to help you achieve your goal of receiving a college athletic scholarship.

The simple fact is that college athletic programs have an average of less than $3,000 designated towards sports recruiting. This takes into account big Division 1 powerhouse schools that have far more resources at hand to recruit. Therefore the majority of scholarships that we discussed in Division II, III, NAIA, and JUCO level are working with very minimal recruiting budgets. They don’t have the financial means or human resources to travel around and “discover” you. If you are not being actively recruited it may be because they don’t know you exist!

Waiting and hoping is not a viable strategic plan when it comes to recruiting. Exposure is the name of the game! You must make yourself known to college coaches in order to be recruited. can help you get recruited today!